"Her bubbly exuberance, passion and flair for ZUMBA and Latin Dance is infectious and she puts beginner students at ease helping them learn in a relaxed and fun environment. I highly recommend anyone who's interested to just give it a go. You won't regret it!" - Kathy


1.  Do I need to book a ZUMBA® class in advance?
     There is no need to book a class in advance, just be sure to arrive at the venue 10 minutes before the class starting time. This will give you sufficient time to enrol.
2.  How much does a ZUMBA® class cost?
     Try our INTRODUCTORY OFFER!! - BRING US A NEW CLIENT TO CLASS WITH YOU AND RECEIVE 1 COMPLIMENTARY CLASS (Pay only $9 each!!) After you have sampled one class, you qualify for our First Timer SPECIAL - (5 lessons for ONLY $45) THAT'S A 50% SAVINGS!!!
      A casual class costs $18.00. We have 3 punchcard options saving you up to 38% off the casual class price.
 5 class punch cards for $70 (valid for 2 months, from the date of purchase)
10 class punch cards are $130 (valid for 4 months from the date of purchase)
20 class punch cards are $220 (valid for 6 months from the date of purchase)
     Punch cards can be used at any of our listed classes and are valid for 2, 4 and 6 months from the date of purchase (please refer above). Please note: Consideration needs to be given to any public holidays and your personal circumstances prior to purchasing your punchcard and are not excluded from the expiry date range.
        [Conditions: A maximum of 2 persons may use one card. Cards are not transferable and non reedeemable for cash. Refunds are not considered.  Extension to your expiry date will be granted for an extra month, subject to a $25 fee being paid prior to your return to any class].
3.  What do I wear and what do I bring to a Zumba® class?
Make sure you wear runners and comfortable workout clothes you can move  and sweat in. Best to bring a water bottle and towel to class.

4.  Are there beginner ZUMBA® classes?
First timers attend Zumba® classes on a daily basis. Our instructors are trained to cater for beginners and more experienced students. Click on the following link to have a read about what to expect at your first class: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/12/first-zumba-class_n_1418895.html
5.  Are there crèches available during the ZUMBA® classes and how much do they cost?
Our new and popular crèche facility is available at BaiLatina Studio in Joondalup @ $4.00 per 1.5 hours (from 9:30 - 11:00am). If booked for an additional service; such as massage or an additional class, cost is $7.00 from 9:30 - 12 noon.
A cancellation fee of $4 will apply to all cancelations made after 8 am on the day of your booking.
(Note: we also run our crèche service during school holidays, on our Salsa nights and at our monthly Latin Matinee for your convenience). Please note: *Bookings are essential for this out of hours service*

6. How do I make a booking for the crèche services at BaiLatina Studio?

     We accept children up to 12 years of age. Bookings are recommended at least 48 hours prior via: cindy@zumbaperth.com.au. in the following format:
       Email Subject: " Crèche Booking"
      Email Body: Your Name | Contact number | Name(s) and age(s) of the children attending

       Children under the age of 12 must be supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times, even through the school holidays, whilst parents are taking a class.
 7. What is the duration of a ZUMBA® class?
Approximately 1 hour. 
[Class conditions: we require a minimum of 3 students to run any class, with exception to classes held at our BaiLatina Studio, we will accept except less. If Cindy Calderon - Principal is teaching a class, can run with a minimum of 2 students).

8.  Can children attend ZUMBA® classes?
Participants need to be 12 years or older and those under 16 need their parent's consent and sign off on the enrolment particulars.

9.  How do I know which type of ZUMBA® class is most suitable for me, ZUMBA® BASIC or ZUMBA® GOLD?
Please refer to our 'Zumba® Facts' page on this site for full details on which Zumba® class will suit you best.
Thank you for continuing to learn Zumba® with Salsa Viva Dance!
Our aim is to inspire you in our Dance Fitness classes, making it a 'part of your life' providing you challenge and variety, in a safe and welcoming environment, so you simply cannot live without it!!!